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Crown Hill University is a private Christian university in Edo State, Nigeria. It was established in 2005 and is accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC). Crown Hill offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various faculties. The university has grown over the years to become one of the leading private universities in the southern region of Nigeria.

One of the frequently asked questions by prospective students and parents is about the Crown Hill University school fees. The fees vary across different programs and levels of study. In this comprehensive blog post, we will provide detailed information on the Crown Hill University fee structure for all programs and categories of students. We will also compare Crown Hill fees with other private universities in Nigeria.

Overview of Crown Hill University

Crown Hill University currently has three campuses – the main campus in Iyin Ekiti, Ekiti State, and two additional campuses in Ado Ekiti and Akure, Ondo State. The university runs a collegiate system with several colleges, schools, faculties, institutes, and centers under which various academic programs are offered.

The university currently has around 6,000 students enrolled in full-time and part-time programs. Crown Hill offers undergraduate programs leading to the award of Bachelor’s degrees, postgraduate programs leading to the award of Master’s and Doctorate degrees as well as sub-degree diploma and certificate programs.

Crown Hill University Undergraduate School Fees

The Crown Hill University undergraduate school fees vary depending on the program of study and category of student. The major criteria that determine the tuition fees include:

  • Program of study (course/faculty)
  • Level of study (100 – 500 level)
  • Residency status (Nigerian or International)

Let us look at the detailed Crown Hill tuition fees structure for Nigerian undergraduate students:

1B.A. ENGLISH216,000152,100.00386,100
2B.A FRENCH216,000152,100.00386,100
3B.A. HISTORY & DIPLOMATIC STUDIES216,000152,100.00386,100
4B.SC. ACCOUNTING247,500152,100.00399,600
5B.SC. BANKING & FINANCE234,000152,100.00386,100
6B.SC. ECONOMICS247,500152,100.00399,600
7B.SC. MASS COMMUNICATION247,50013,500152,100.00413,100
8B.SC. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION247,500152,100.00399,600
9B.SC. BIOLOGY225,00013,500152,100.00390,600
10B.SC. MICROBIOLOGY225,00013,500152,100.00390,600
11B.SC. CHEMISTRY234,00013,500152,100.00399,600
12B.SC. BIOCHEMISTRY234,00013,500152,100.00399,600
13B.SC. PHYSICS WITH ELECTRONICS225,00013,500156,600.00395,100
14B.SC. COMPUTER SCIENCE247,50013,500156,600.00417,600
15B.SC. MATHEMATICS225,0006,750156,600.00388,350

Crown Hill University Postgraduate School Fees

Crown Hill University offers various postgraduate programs leading to the award of Postgraduate Diplomas, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees. The tuition fees for postgraduate students vary based on the following criteria below is an overview of the postgraduate school fees at Crown Hill University:

Postgraduate Diploma Programs

  • Nigerian students: NGN 150,000 – NGN 250,000 per session

Master’s Degree Programs

  • Nigerian students: NGN 350,000 – NGN 500,000 per session

MBA Program

  • Nigerian students: NGN 650,000 – NGN 950,000 per session

M.Sc. and M.Ed Programs

  • Nigerian students: NGN 400,000 – NGN 600,000 per session

Ph.D. Programs

  • Nigerian students: NGN 850,000 – NGN 950,000 per session

In addition to the tuition fees, postgraduate students also pay the same mandatory fees for accommodation, medical, library, sports, etc during registration.

The total fees payable by Nigerian postgraduate students range between NGN 500,000 to NGN 1,000,000 depending on the program.

Crown Hill University Diploma and Certificate Programs Fees

Aside from the degree programs, Crown Hill University also offers short-term diploma and certificate courses in various skill areas. These programs are usually run by the university’s institutes and centers.

The tuition fees for diploma and certificate programs at Crown Hill University include:

  • Diploma programs: NGN 150,000 – NGN 180,000 per session
  • Basic certificate programs: NGN 80,000 – NGN 100,000 per program
  • Proficiency certificate programs: NGN 100,000 – NGN 150,000 per program

Some specialized diploma and certificate programs offered at Crown Hill may attract higher fees than the range stated above.

Crown Hill University School Fees Payment Deadline

Crown Hill University management usually announces specific deadlines for the payment of school fees at the beginning of each academic session.

For newly admitted students, the school fee payment deadline is normally set around 4 weeks from the date of admission or before the commencement of orientation activities.

For returning students, the deadline is usually set just before the start of a new semester. Students who fail to pay their tuition fees before the stipulated deadlines are not allowed to attend classes or take exams.

It is important for all admitted candidates and continuing students to regularly check their university portals and notice boards for announcements on the school fee payment deadline. This is to avoid being sanctioned for late payment. ” ALSO READ Crown Hill University Cut-Off Marks

How to pay Crown Hill University School Fees

There are a few options for students to pay their school fees at Crown Hill University:

Online Payment

Crown Hill University has an online student portal that allows students to pay school fees securely using their debit/credit cards. Students can log into their portals using their admission details, select the fees they want to pay, enter the card information, and complete the payment. This is the most convenient payment method.

Bank Deposit

Students can also pay their tuition fees by direct bank deposit or transfer to the university’s bank accounts. The school management provides the bank details during registration. Students are expected to pay into the appropriate school fees account and upload the teller or transfer receipt to their portals as evidence of payment.

Bank Draft

International students and some local students may opt to obtain bank drafts in favor of the university when paying school fees. This avoids international transfer charges. The drafts are submitted to the finance office.

Cash Payment

Crown Hill University also allows students to make cash payments directly at designated banks. The banks will issue a receipt after cash payments. It is important to insist on obtaining the receipt as proof of payment.

Whichever payment method a student chooses, it is advisable to ensure the correct school fees and student details are entered to avoid problems. The online portal and mobile payments offer the fastest and most convenient options. Students should leverage available payment technology for a seamless fee-payment experience. for more details about the school please visit their official website

Factors that Determine Crown Hill University School Fees

It is evident from Crown Hill University’s fee structure that tuition fees differ based on certain criteria. Here is a summary of the key factors that determine how much students pay as school fees at Crown Hill University:

  • Program/Faculty – Some faculties like Medicine, MBA, Law, and Sciences attract higher fees than others like Arts and Education.
  • Level of study – Students in higher levels (400-500) pay slightly higher than those in the 100 level.
  • Residency status – International students pay higher tuition than Nigerians.
  • Course type – Certificate and diploma programs attract lower fees than undergraduate degrees.
  • Course duration – Tuition fees for short courses are lower than those of 3-5-year degree programs.
  • Part-time or full-time – Part-time students pay per credit hour, unlike full-timers who pay a fixed annual fee.
  • Accommodation – Staying on campus in the hostel costs extra compared to non-resident students.

Understanding these criteria enables students and parents to know what categories of fees are applicable to their specific programs.

Here is a summary of Crown Hill’s overall affordability for Nigerian students:

Undergraduate programs – Crown Hill offers relatively affordable fees for bachelor’s degree programs compared to institutions like Covenant, Afe Babalola, and Babcock.

Postgraduate programs – Crown Hill tuition fees for masters and Ph.D. degrees are very competitive and affordable within the private university space.

Professional programs – Crown Hill medical school fees are 50-70% cheaper than similar programs in other private universities. MBA fees are also affordable.

Diploma and certificate programs – Crown Hill offers some of the most affordable short-term courses relative to the fees charged by competitors.

Based on the above, Crown Hill University provides one of the most affordable quality private university education across various programs for Nigerian students compared to its peers. The institution strikes a strategic balance between delivering academic excellence and maintaining reasonable fees given economic realities. This has contributed to the growth in the student population over the years.


Crown Hill University is gradually establishing itself as one of the leading faith-based private universities in Nigeria. The institution maintains a competitive yet affordable school fee structure across undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional degree programs compared to other private institutions. Students get to enjoy a world-class learning experience in a conducive environment at a pocket-friendly cost relative to the quality offered. The information provided in this blog post will equip prospective students with detailed insights regarding Crown Hill University’s school fee structure and payment modalities.


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