FUOYE Cut-Off Marks for All Courses 2024/2025


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Are you an aspirant of the Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE)? Do you want to know the cut-off marks for the 2024/2025 admission exercise? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will provide you with the details information on the FUOYE cut-off marks for all courses 2024/2025.

What is the Cut-Off Mark for FUOYE in 2024?

FUOYE Cut-Off Marks for 2024/2025 academic Session is 150. This means that candidates who score at least 150 in their UTME are qualified to participate in the post-UTME screening exercise. However, scoring 150 does not guarantee admission into FUOYE, as the admission process is also based on other factors such as the availability of spaces, the performance of candidates in the post-UTME, the O’level grades, and the course-specific cut-off marks.

FUOYE Cut-Off Mark for all Courses

The departmental cut-off marks are the minimum scores that candidates must attain in their UTME or DE to be considered for admission into a particular course or department. These cut-off marks vary depending on the competitiveness and demand of the course. How competitive is the course determines the cut-off mark?  ” ALSO READ FUOYE Admission Requirements For all Courses 2023/2024 ”

S/NFacultyCoursesCut-Off Marks
1AgricultureAgricultural Economics And Extension160
2AgricultureAnimal Production And Health160
3AgricultureCrop Science and Horticulture160
4AgricultureFisheries And Aquaculture160
5AgricultureFood Science And Technology160
6AgricultureHospitality And Tourism Management170
7AgricultureSoil Science And Land Resources Management160
8AgricultureWater Resources Management And Agrometeorology160
9ArtsEnglish And Literary Studies180
10ArtsHistory And International Studies180
11ArtsLinguistics and languages180
12ArtsTheatre And Media Arts200
14ArtsReligious Studies160
15EducationAgricultural Education160
16EducationBiology Education160
17EducationChemistry Education160
18EducationMathematics Education160
19EducationPhysics Education160
20EducationEducational Technology160
21EducationBusiness Education160
22EducationEducational Management160
23EducationEconomics Education160
24EducationEnglish Language Education160
25EducationLibrary And Information Science160
26EducationHuman Kinetics150
27EducationHealth Education160
28EducationGuidance And Counselling160
29EducationAdult Education160
30Basic Medical SciencesAnatomy180
31Basic Medical SciencesMedical Laboratory Science220
32Basic Medical SciencesNursing220
33Basic Medical SciencesPhysiology180
34Basic Medical SciencesRadiology and Radiation Science200
35Environmental Design and ManagementArchitecture200
36Environmental Design and ManagementBuilding160
37Environmental Design and ManagementEstate Management160
38Environmental Design and ManagementQuantity Surveying160
39Environmental Design and ManagementSurveying and Geoinformatics160
40Environmental Design and ManagementUrban and Regional Planning160
41EngineeringAgricultural and Bio-Resources160
42EngineeringCivil Engineering200
43EngineeringComputer Engineering200
44EngineeringElectrical and Electronics Engineering200
45EngineeringMechanical Engineering200
46EngineeringMechatronics Engineering200
47EngineeringMetallurgical and Materials Engineering160
49PharmacyDoctor of Pharmacy220
50Management SciencesAccounting200
51Management SciencesFinance180
52Management SciencesBusiness Administration200
53Management SciencesPublic Administration180
54ScienceAnimal and Environmental Biology160
56ScienceComputer Sciences200
60ScienceIndustrial Chemistry160
65SciencePlant Science And Biotechnology160
66ScienceEnvironmental Management and Toxicology160
67Social SciencesCriminology and Security Studies200
68Social SciencesDemography and Social Statistics160
69Social SciencesEconomics and Development Studies180
70Social SciencesMass Communication220
71Social SciencesPeace And Conflict Studies180
72Social SciencesPolitical Science200
73Social SciencesPsychology160
74Social SciencesSociology160

FUOYE Cut-Off Mark for Nursing

The cut off mark for the nursing program at Fuoye is 220. This means candidates seeking admission into nursing at Fuoye must score at least 220 in UTME to be eligible.

FUOYE Cut-Off Mark for Medicine and Surgery 2024

The competitive Medicine and Surgery program at FUOYE has a cut off mark of 250 in 2024. Therefore, candidates applying for Medicine and Surgery at FUOYE are required to obtain a minimum score of 250 in UTME to qualify for admission.

FUOYE Cut-Off mark for Engineering

For all engineering courses at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti, a UTME score of 200 and above is required to meet the cut off mark. Interested candidates seeking admission into any engineering program must score 200 in their UTME exams to be eligible.

How to Calculate FUOYE Aggregate Cut-Off Mark Score

It is important for all candidates who participated in the FUOYE  post-UTME screening exercise to calculate their aggregate scores correctly for confirmation of admission.

To compute your aggregate admission score for FUOYE, follow these simple steps:

  1. First, divide your UTME score by 8. For example, if you scored 200 in UTME, 200/8 = 25.
  2. Next, divide your post-UTME screening score by 2. For instance, if your post-UTME score is 50, 50/2 = 25.
  3. Finally, add your UTME and post-UTME quotients together to arrive at your aggregate score.

Using the example above, if you scored 200 in UTME and 50 in post-UTME, your aggregate score computation will be:

UTME Score = 200 Post UTME Score = 50

UTME Quotient: 200/8 = 25 Post UTME Quotient: 50/2 = 25

Aggregate Score = UTME Quotient + Post UTME Quotient = 25 + 25 = 50

Therefore, if you scored 200 in UTME and 50 in post-UTME, your aggregate admission score for FUOYE is 50. This scoring system weighs your UTME and post-UTME results equally.  ” ALSO READ FUOYE School Fees For all Courses 2023/2024 ”

Tips to Meet FUOYE Cut-Off Marks

  • Start preparation early, take practice tests, and work on weak subjects.
  • Stay motivated, don’t miss UTME, and ensure you meet admission requirements.
  • Know the cut-off marks for your desired course.
  • Learn and follow good study habits.
  • Get help from teachers or tutors if struggling with certain topics.


Meeting the competitive cut-off marks set by Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE) requires thorough preparation, determination, and smart exam strategies. By starting early, identifying weak areas, taking practice tests, learning effective study methods, staying motivated, and meeting eligibility criteria, aspirants can aim to achieve the cut-off marks for their desired program in FUOYE. With focus and consistency, reaching the FUOYE cut-off marks is very much possible. For more details please visit the school’s official website.


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