WAEC & JAMB Subject Combination for Computer Science


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Choosing the right subject combination for your UTME exam is one of the most important decisions you will make as you prepare for higher education in Nigeria. For students interested in studying Computer Science at the university level, selecting the best subjects to take on JAMB can maximize your chances of gaining admission into your desired program. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the JAMB subject combination for Computer Science, outlining the mandatory, required, and optional subjects you should consider taking.

What is Computer Science

Computer science is the study of computers and computational systems. It involves designing and building software, creating algorithms to solve problems efficiently, and understanding the fundamentals of computation and information processes. Key focuses include programming languages, computer architecture, numerical analysis, databases, networking, security, and artificial intelligence. Computer scientists develop the theories, principles, and applications that power the technologies and computers that play such a crucial role in our everyday lives.

What is the Importance of Studying Computer Science

Studying computer science is important because it develops vital analytical and problem-solving skills that can be applied across many industries. Knowledge of computer languages and systems empowers innovation in technology fields transforming every sector. Computer science skills enable the creation of applications, programs, and software that drive progress in business, medicine, transportation, entertainment, engineering, and more. The computational thinking and coding abilities gained open diverse, high-paying career paths in programming, web development, data science, cybersecurity, machine learning, and beyond. With technology ingrained across modern life, computer science is a versatile, essential field of study for today’s digital world.

What is the difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?

  • Computer science focuses more on software and applications. It revolves around using programming languages and algorithms to build systems and solve problems by computational means.
  • Computer engineering focuses more on hardware and physical devices. It applies science and math knowledge to design, develop, and integrate computer systems and electronic components.
  • Computer science emphasizes coding, programming languages, data structures, operating systems, databases, networks, AI, etc. Computer engineering emphasizes circuits, processors, embedded systems, computer architecture, robotics, VLSI, etc.
  • Computer science is concerned with computation, information, software abstraction, the theory of computing, etc. Computer engineering handles electromechanics, electronics, analog/digital signals, computer architecture, etc.
  • Computer science graduates are prepared for roles like software developers, systems analysts, data scientists, web developers, etc. Computer engineering graduates are prepared for roles like hardware engineers, network engineers, systems integrators, etc.
  • Computer science curriculums have more mathematics and computational theory components. Computer engineering curriculums incorporate more physics and electrical engineering components.

Computer science focuses more on computational theory, algorithms, and software. Computer engineering focuses more on physical computing systems, components, and integration.

WAEC Subject Combination for Computer Science & Requirements

For those aspiring to study Computer Science in Nigerian universities, meeting the following WAEC subject combination and requirements is crucial:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Further Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Chemistry
  • Geography/Biology
  • Civic Education
  • A trade subject

These subject combinations are also applicable to other O’level exams such as NECO and GCE, ensuring a broad foundation for a successful Computer Science education.

JAMB Subject Combination For Computer Science

To further your journey into Computer Science, the following subjects are required for the JAMB UTME:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Additionally, you can choose one of the following subjects:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Agric Science
  • Economics
  • Geography

Subject Combinations for Top Nigerian Computer Science Schools

The top universities for Computer Science in Nigeria have excellent technology programs and selective admission. Tailoring your JAMB subjects specifically to their requirements is advised. Here are subject combinations favored by leading Nigerian Computer Science schools:

  • University of Lagos (UNILAG): Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Further Maths/Biology, Technical Drawing.
  • Covenant University: Maths, English, Physics, Computer Science, Further Maths, Fine Arts.
  • University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN): Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics.
  • Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU): Maths, English, Physics, Electronics, Technical Drawing, Geography.
  • Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH): Maths, English, Physics, Further Maths, Technical Drawing, Biology.
  • Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO): Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Further Maths, Statistics.

While not definitive requirements, these combinations maximize your admission chances at Nigeria’s top computer science universities.

Computer Science Subject Combinations to Avoid

While the aforementioned combinations are commendable, it’s crucial to steer clear of subject mixes that universities do not favor for a computer science degree:

  • Avoid Arts or Humanities-Heavy Combinations: Combining subjects like English Literature, History, Government, and Religious Studies without ample math and science prerequisites is discouraged.
  • Do Not Combine Mathematics and Additional Mathematics Without Required Sciences: Ensure that you include necessary science subjects like physics when taking both mathematics and additional mathematics.
  • Avoid Subject Duplications: Stay away from redundant combinations like mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, and technical drawing. Opt for a social science or arts subject to diversify.
  • Refrain from Language Electives Like French: English suffices as the communication requirement for computer science.
  • Steer Clear of Redundant Maths Options: Combinations like financial accounting and mathematics together should be avoided.

Is computer science a good course in Nigeria?

Computer science is a good degree choice in Nigeria because digital skills are in extremely high demand by employers. Tech salaries are lucrative. Nigerian universities now offer high-quality globally competitive programs teaching skills needed for industry. Graduates have abundant career opportunities in Nigeria’s rapidly growing digital economy.

Can I study Computer Science without chemistry?

Chemistry is not an absolute requirement for studying Computer Science at most universities. However, some universities do list Chemistry as a mandatory 4th subject for Computer Science admission. Not having it may limit options at those schools, but many others only strictly require Maths, English, and Physics allowing you to opt out of Chemistry. Overall, it is possible to study Computer Science without Chemistry, though taking it does strengthen your foundation in physical sciences.

Can you study Computer Science without maths?

You cannot successfully study Computer Science without Mathematics. Maths is unanimously considered the most essential JAMB subject for admission into any university Computer Science program. The computational, analytical thinking skills developed in Mathematics underpin practically all areas of Computer Science. Not having a strong grasp of core Maths concepts like algorithms, logic, statistics, and calculus will make studying Computer Science extremely challenging.

Is physics compulsory for Computer Science?

Yes, Physics is a compulsory JAMB subject for studying Computer Science at most universities in Nigeria. Understanding physics concepts like electronics, electromagnetism, optics, and energy provides crucial background knowledge for comprehending computer hardware, systems, and networks. While math is the most critical subject, physics gives important supplemental science knowledge that enlarges your capabilities in computer science. Only a minority of schools make concessions on requiring Physics.

How many years is computer science?

A typical bachelor’s degree program in computer science takes 4 years to complete in Nigeria. Some universities offer 3-year fast-track computer science degrees as well. At the postgraduate level, a master’s in computer science usually takes 1-2 years, while a Ph.D. in computer science generally takes 3-5 years depending on research time.

Where can a computer scientist work in Nigeria?

Some top employers for computer scientists in Nigeria include financial institutions, oil/gas companies, telecom companies, IT consulting and services firms, e-commerce platforms, government agencies, fintech startups, entertainment/media production houses, and more. Computer scientists can work in roles like software developers, data analysts, network engineers, database administrators, computer systems managers, lecturers, and researchers.

Can an art student study computer science in Nigeria?

Yes, it is absolutely possible for a student with an arts background to successfully study computer science at the undergraduate or graduate level in Nigeria. Switching disciplines is common in universities. Key is taking remedial math, physics, and programming classes to fill any knowledge gaps an art student may have before starting core computer science coursework. A technical aptitude and strong problem-solving skills also help art students thrive in computer science.

Tips for Excelling in Your Chosen JAMB Subjects

To attain stellar scores in your chosen JAMB subject combination, consider these valuable tips:

  • Start Preparing Early: Commence your JAMB preparations in SSS 2 to ensure ample time to cover the syllabus comprehensively.
  • Seek Extra Lessons: Enroll in additional tutoring, focusing on mathematics and the sciences to bolster areas of weakness.
  • Broaden Your Horizons: Dive into relevant textbooks, journals, magazines, and other resources to expand your knowledge in your chosen subjects.
  • Practice with Past Questions: Familiarize yourself with past JAMB questions to become well-acquainted with the exam’s patterns and styles.
  • Simulate Exam Conditions: Attempt timed mock exams to develop effective time management skills.
  • Enhance Handwriting: For subjects like English Language, practice handwritten essays to boost your speed and performance.
  • Create Concise Notes: Summarize complex formulas, concepts, and procedures into succinct notes for efficient revision.
  • Study with Peers: Form study groups to facilitate peer teaching and motivation towards your UTME goals.
  • Prioritize Health: Maintain a balanced lifestyle by consuming nutrient-rich meals, engaging in regular exercise, ensuring adequate sleep, and effectively managing stress. This enhances


Selecting your JAMB Subject Combinations for Computer Science marks a major milestone in your educational journey. For those seeking admission, getting it right from the start expands your options and sets you up for undergraduate success. Keep mandatory English, Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. Add highly recommended Further Maths and Technical Drawing. Complement with Arts/Social Science subjects you enjoy and excel at. Target combinations preferred by your desired universities. Seek expert guidance along the way. With a purposeful approach, you can craft a JAMB subject mix that turns your computer science aspirations into realities.


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