OAU Cut-Off Marks for all Courses 2024/2025


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Are you an aspirant of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria? Do you want to know the cut-off marks for the 2024/2025 academic session admission exercise? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this blog post, I will tell you everything you need to know about OAU cut-off marks for all courses and faculties.

Overview OAU Cut-Off Mark?

OAU cut-off mark is the minimum score that a candidate must obtain in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and the Post UTME screening exercise to be eligible for admission into the university. The management of the university determines the OAU cut-off mark based on the performance of the candidates and the availability of spaces in each department.

There are two types of cut-off marks: the general cut-off mark and the departmental cut-off mark. The general cut-off mark is the minimum score that a candidate must have in the UTME to be qualified for the post-UTME screening exercise. The departmental cut-off mark is the final score a candidate must have in both the UTME and the Post UTME to be considered for admission into a specific course or faculty. “Check Out OAU Admission Requirements 2024/2025“

OAU General Cut-Off Mark for 2024/2025

The general cut-off mark for OAU for the 2024/2025 academic session is 200. This means that candidates who scored 200 and above in the UTME can apply for the Post UTME screening exercise. However, scoring 200 does not guarantee admission into OAU, as candidates must also meet the departmental cut-off mark for their chosen course. “Check Out OAU Post-UTME Past Questions Free Download”

OAU Departmental Cut-Off Mark for 2024/2025

The departmental cut-off mark for OAU for the 2024/2025 academic session is not yet out. The departmental cut-off mark is usually released after the Post UTME screening exercise, which is expected to be held in October 2024. The departmental cut-off mark varies from course to course and from faculty to faculty. The table below outlines Obafemi Awolowo University’s Departmental Cut-Off Marks.

FacultyProgramCut-Off Marks
Faculty of ArtsEnglish Language190
Religious Studies180
Fine Arts180
Faculty of Social SciencesEconomics200
Political Science190
International Relations190
Social Work180
Demography and Social Statistics180
Faculty of EducationArts Education190
Science Education200
Physical and Health Education190
Library Information Science Education180
Faculty of LawLaw230
Faculty of AdministrationPublic Administration180
Local Government Studies180
Faculty of Environmental Design & ManagementArchitecture200
Urban & Regional Planning190
Faculty of PharmacyPharmacy220
Faculty of TechnologyFood Science & Technology180
Industrial Chemistry190
Faculty of AgricultureAgricultural Economics180
Animal Science180
Crop Production & Protection180
Soil Science180
Faculty of ScienceComputer Science220
Industrial Mathematics200
Physics with Electronics200
Faculty of Clinical SciencesDentistry230
Nursing Science210
Medical Rehabilitation210
College of Health SciencesMedicine & Surgery250
Biomedical Engineering230
Faculty of Basic Medical SciencesAnatomy220

OAU Direct Entry Cut-Off Marks

QualificationGradeCut Off Mark
HNDUpper Credit30% of Overall Score
HNDLower Credit24% of Overall Score
ONDUpper Credit20% of Overall Score
ONDLower Credit16% of Overall Score

OAU Postgraduate Cut-Off Marks

  • Most programs require a minimum of 50% average score in relevant qualifying exams (B.Sc./B.A. for Master’s, M.Sc./M.A. for Ph.D.)
  • Some graduate programs like MBA, MPA, MPH, research M.Sc./Ph.D. require higher scores (usually 60%+ average)
  • Entrance exams and interviews also affect postgraduate cut-off marks

How to Calculate OAU Aggregate Cut-Off Mark Score

It is important for all candidates who participated in the OAU post-UTME screening exercise to calculate their aggregate scores correctly for confirmation of admission.

To compute your aggregate admission score for OAU, follow these simple steps:

  • First, divide your UTME score by 8. For example, if you scored 200 in UTME, 200/8 = 25.
  • Next, divide your post-UTME screening score by 2. For instance, if your post-UTME score is 50, 50/2 = 25.
  • Finally, add your UTME and post-UTME quotients together to arrive at your aggregate score.

Using the example above, if you scored 200 in UTME and 50 in post-UTME, your aggregate score computation will be:

UTME Score = 200 Post UTME Score = 50

UTME Quotient: 200/8 = 25 Post UTME Quotient: 50/2 = 25

Aggregate Score = UTME Quotient + Post UTME Quotient = 25 + 25 = 50

Tips on Meeting OAU Cut-Off Marks

  • Know the cut-off marks for your desired course of study. OAU publishes the cut-off marks annually, so stay updated. The cut-off marks vary by department and course.
  • Start preparing early. Give yourself plenty of time, at least 6 months to a year, to prepare for the exam. Don’t leave it until the last minute.
  • Get copies of past exam questions and practice, practice, practice. Work through lots of past questions so you know the format and style of the exam.
  • Identify your weak areas and focus your revision there. Don’t just study what you already know. Look for knowledge gaps and spend time improving those areas.
  • Attend tutorial classes or form study groups. Learning with others can help motivate you and provide support. Discussing past exams together is useful.
  • Learn exam techniques. Things like time management, how to tackle each section, and how to stay calm during the exam. Mental preparation is key.
  • Take care of your physical health too. Eat a balanced diet, exercise, and get enough sleep leading up to the exams. Being healthy maximizes your mental performance.
  • Believe in yourself and be positive. Visualize yourself achieving the cut-off mark you need. With hard work and the right preparation, it’s possible. Don’t doubt yourself. Check Out OAU School Fees 2023/2024


In conclusion, OAU’s cut-off marks are a crucial part of the admission process, setting a high benchmark for academic excellence. With Nigeria’s top talents seeking admission at this prestigious university, the cut-off marks ensure only the best and brightest candidates who meet the merit requirements gain admission into OAU’s programs. By researching the cut-off marks thoroughly and meeting or exceeding the requirements, prospective students can boost their chances of securing admission to their desired program at OAU. The cut-off marks help OAU maintain high standards and administer a fair, transparent, and merit-based admission process each academic year. For more details about OAU please visit their Official Website.


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