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The University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) post-UTME exam is one of the most competitive university entrance exams in Nigeria. Scoring highly on the exam is crucial for increasing your chances of gaining admission into your desired program at UNILORIN.

In this blog post, we will provide an overview of the exam, explain the benefits of using past questions, and share strategies for getting the most out of UNILORIN post-UTME Past questions.

Overview of the UNILORIN Post-UTME Exam

The UNILORIN post-UTME screening exam is taken by all applicants seeking admission into the university, except direct entry students. The exam consists of 50 objective questions drawn from five core subjects.

Each subject has 10 questions, and you are required to answer all questions within 1 hour. The questions are usually simple, testing your aptitude and preparedness for university-level academics.

Your performance in the exam determines whether you will be admitted into your desired program or not. To gain admission, you will need to score above the departmental cut-off mark set for your program and also meet UNILORIN Admission Requirements. The higher you score, the better your chances of getting into a competitive program.

How to Download UNILORIN Post-UTME Past Questions?

To Download UNILORIN Post-UTME Past Questions for free please click on the download button below!

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!UNILORIN Post-UTME Past Questions and Answers

Benefits of Using UNILORIN Post-UTME Past Questions

Practicing with past UNILORIN post-UTME questions offers the following benefits:

  • You get familiar with the exam format – By using past questions, you understand how the exam is structured, the subject areas tested, and the types of questions asked. This helps you know what to expect on the real exam day.
  • You understand the exam scope – UNILORIN mostly repeats questions from past exams. Going through previous questions lets you know the scope of topics covered so you can focus your studies accordingly.
  • You get used to the exam timing – Since the actual exam is timed, practicing with past questions under exam conditions helps you calibrate your timing. You can identify questions that consume more time and ensure you pace yourself well during the real exam.
  • You can identify commonly repeated questions – Some questions appear consistently in UNILORIN post-UTME exams. Practicing past questions enables you to identify frequently repeated questions that you are likely to see again on your own exam.
  • It reveals your weak areas – Checking your scores after practicing past questions helps reveal the subject areas/topics you are struggling with. You can then devote more time to sharpen your skills in those sections.
  • It instills confidence – Doing well while practicing with past questions helps boost your confidence. You feel more self-assured walking into the exam hall knowing that you have conquered past questions. ” ALSO READ UNILORIN School Fees for 2024/2025 Academic Session

How to Use UNILORIN Post-UTME Past Questions

To gain the most value from practicing past UNILORIN post-UTME questions, use the following smart strategies:

  • Get authentic past questions – Ensure you obtain credible past UNILORIN post-UTME questions. Beware of fake or compiled questions that differ from the real exam questions.
  • Take the questions under real exam conditions – When practicing, sit at a desk without distractions, time yourself, and take the questions at a stretch as you would on real exam day. This helps acclimatize you to the actual test environment.
  • Check your answers and score upon completion – After submitting each practice exam, check your scores diligently and note down questions you got wrong. Understand why the answer you chose was wrong.
  • Analyze your performance – Identify the subject areas where you scored the highest and lowest marks. This shows the sections you need to concentrate on. Also, take note of questions that took you longer.
  • Repeat challenging questions – Retake questions that you initially got wrong or found challenging. Repeated practice helps reinforce your weak areas.
  • Don’t neglect your stronger areas – Apart from emphasizing your weaker subjects, also dedicate time to revising areas you are more conversant with. This helps ensure you maintain your strength.
  • Take as many mock exams as possible – Take at least 5 full-length UNILORIN post-UTME practice tests under timed conditions. The more dress rehearsals, the better prepared you will be.
  • Continue practicing until exam day – Do not stop practicing with past questions even a week before the exam. The repeated practice will solidify your readiness.

By applying these tips, practicing with past questions will maximize your UNILORIN post-UTME performance.

Overview of UNILORIN Post-UTME Subjects

Practicing past questions enables you to understand the topics examined. Below is an overview of the key topics covered in each UNILORIN post-UTME subject:

English Language: Comprehension of passages, vocabulary, idioms, figures of speech, synonyms & antonyms, lexical categories, sentence construction, tenses, punctuation, etc.

Mathematics: Algebra, functions, trigonometry, geometry, statistics, calculus, sets, matrices, etc.

Biology: Cell theory, classification, ecology, nutrition, transport systems, reproduction, genetics, evolution, etc.

Chemistry: Atomic structure, chemical bonding, acids & bases, organic chemistry, thermo-chemistry, chemistry calculations, etc.

Physics: Measurements, motion, forces, work and energy, heat, sound, light, electricity and magnetism, nuclear physics, etc.

Mastering these core topics by practicing past questions will undoubtedly make you excel in the UNILORIN post-UTME exam.


Practicing with UNILORIN post-UTME past questions is highly essential to scoring very high on the exam. Past questions help you understand the exam structure, topics, and time limits, and even predict the questions likely to appear. By dedicating ample time to solve past questions under realistic exam conditions, you will enter the exam hall fully poised to tackle any question that comes your way. So be strategic, get authentic past UNILORIN questions, and practice consistently. This will bring you closer to gaining admission into your preferred program at UNILORIN.


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